LACCD LASC School of Arts and Humanities with Black Box Theater & Recital Hall

Los Angeles, CA

Hraztan Zeitlian worked on this project while employed by DLR Group, Los Angeles. Hraztan was Principal, Design Leader.

LEED Platinum 47,500 SF facility including 2,000 SF 100 seat Black Box theater, 2,000 SF 100 seat Recital Hall and Music teaching spaces including 78 seat Instrument Rehearsal, 16 seat choral, 2 Piano and 1 Electronic Music labs, 8 Practice Rooms. Video and Film studio, speech program, and Offices. The building supports the academic goals of the campus by creating vibrant spaces of interaction immediately surrounding it and by showcasing the teaching occurring within the building on its exterior, thus engaging the students. The building stairs spill out onto the plaza and double as an Amphitheater. The Drama Rehearsal space features a large glass fold-up door that provides the option of opening up this space to the exterior. The central quad is activated by a large window (with black out option) allowing visibility into the Black Box Theater when appropriate.

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