STRUERE is an award-winning design team based in Los Angeles, developing experimental, progressive architectural projects and a movement for advancing Architecture with the view to change the landscape we live in.

Semiotext(e)Architecture Experimental Architecture Book Editor

A collection of highly layered and graphically complex projects, specifically designed for appearing in this book by collaborative teams of architectural and design firms, design theoreticians, filmmakers, etc. Collaborators included: Thom Mayne, Diller+Scofidio, Hani Rashid, Jesse Reiser, Neil Denari, Félix Guattari, Avital Ronell, Bob Somol, Atom Egoyan, Allucquere Roseanne Stone, Margo Chase, R/Greenberg, Rick Valicenti, David Carson, etc.

This book is a radical attempt to design theory and write architecture. This book displays graphic, formal or technologically mediated methods to develop advanced theory, and, at the same time, is an attempt to use writing as a way to develop advanced architecture. The attempt here was to show that a refocused emphasis on the material presentation of advanced theory produced new multiplied architectural meanings, in order to argue for an expansion and liberation of the graphic, formal or technologically mediated methods of pursuing experimental theory in design. A new relationship of agencing between design and design theory is suggested here: Theory has a material condition in its writing and designed objects do engender multiple meanings.