STRUERE is an award-winning design team based in Los Angeles, developing experimental, progressive architectural projects and a movement for advancing Architecture with the view to change the landscape we live in.

2221 Park Place, El Segundo, CA

Commercial | 2221 Park Place, El Segundo, CA

Our design injects new energy to the Existing industrial Building converted to creative office uses by Redefining the entire North Facade.
We deployed over it a computationally derived pattern of steel tiles as a forward thinking response to the sound waves of the passing Public Transporation Trains of the Station immediately adjacent.
We improved the Midpoint of the East Facade facing the Street as an all-outdoor Patio weather protected by a large canopy and accessed through garage doors from inside the building. "Living Walls" or veritable vertical gardens frame the openings into the building both at the Patio and at the Main Entry point to the north.