Santa Barbara City College Humanities Building Modernization

Santa Barbara, CA

Hraztan Zeitlian worked on this project while employed by DLR Group, Los Angeles. Hraztan was Principal, Design Leader.

The centerpiece of the Renovation is tower-shaped addition housing an elevator to bring the building into full ADA compliance and highlights the main entry point of the building. The tower also houses conference rooms that offer stunning views of the ocean. A 'floating' new faćade echoes the Tower Addition on the North Side of the Building and provides for signage and building identification from the Campus Plaza surrounding it. The scope of this project was a renovation of an existing 45,762 SF Humanities building. This renovated, modernized structure houses classes in ceramics, computer programming, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and film, television and audio production. The scope included exterior site; interior accessibility and improved wayfinding; fire alarm/sprinkler and egress improvements; elevator replacement; window replacement; roof repairs; lighting/HVAC upgrades; floor, ceiling, and wall finishes.

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