LiCCo PREFAB Housing

Multiple Locations, CA

Prototype Low Income Sustainable Housing. Up to 40 Low Income Residential Units per Block. Our Prototype Concept provides a creative solution to the huge need for Low Income Housing in or near large metropolitan areas. This Concept, making use of both recycled and new Shipping Containers, provides for speedy, cost effective construction with Low Environmental Impact: No major digging, dust or building noise (all good things in an urban setting). The containers will befitted off-site and transported to the Site and erected using Booms on Wheels. Our Design approach creates a systematically loosened aggregation of containers in a process that facilitates the emergence of an Open Architecture that privileges collective spaces of socialization and congregation. The Goal is nothing less than to create a new way of building community through interactivity and sustainability. We propose an Open Architecture: A single loaded open air motel-type configuration allows for views from within the units to be oriented optimally to the North and an Ideal Solar Orientation. By doubling as a Public Veranda the circulation becomes an Opportunity for socializing.The Plan places social spaces within the units along the corridor to enhance opportunities for interactivity and community building and the private spaces of the Units are opened up to the Northern Light and the Views. The Sectional Shits create opportunities for Shared Communal Open Spaces. The Prefabricated prestructured units allow for dramatic architectural expression, slide and reach out to the views.

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