Media District Mixed Use Hotel Project

Burbank, CA

Mixed Use Building located at a major entrance to the Burbank Media District and stands to be a Gateway building into the Media District. The Design Concept is for a very urban and contemporary building with references to the Movie Industry and the Studios near the project. The forms of the Architecture are inspired by movie frames in rapid succession with two story projecting framed building volumes referring to movie 'close ups' and one story framed building volumes referring to movie 'wide angle' shots. A volume referencing the director's camera dramatically projects from the building's mass. A Rooftop Pergola defines the building's skyline profile, visible from long distances. The Base Podium features a Movie Marquee over the entire length of the building, and a glowing all glass Lobby. Large portions of the building will be clad in recycled woods, as well as other sustainable materials.

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