STRUERE is an award-winning design team based in Los Angeles, developing experimental, progressive architectural projects and a movement for advancing Architecture with the view to change the landscape we live in.

Lectures, Symposia & Juries

01/25/2017 Engineering News Record (ENR) National Awards 2017. Juror.

7/2015 AIACC 2015 Design Awards. Juror.

10/23/2014 AIACC 2014 Design Awards. Master of Ceremony.

11/07/2012 Southern California Development Forum 2011 Design Awards. Juror.

12/20/2011 Society of Marketing Professionals (SMPS) Los Angeles MCA Awards. Jury Member.

2/13/2011 Southern California Development Forum 2011 Design Awards. Jury and Awards Ceremony

03/29/2011 California Architects Practice Act. Talk to Woodbury University Architecture Students.

03/04/2011 Los Angeles Community College District 9x9x9 Design Conference. East LA College.
Presented LASC SOAH Perf Arts Building. 2 out of 9 Design Excellence projects selected for Conference
presentations were designed by Hraztan.

02/15/2011 Southern California Development Forum Education Panel. Is Higher Education going to
lead us to Economic Recovery? Panel Moderator.

12/14/2010 Southern California Development Forum 2010 Design Awards. Jury and Awards Ceremony

02/8/2009 Southern California Development Forum 2009 Design Awards. Jury and Awards Ceremony

07/02/2009 Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger Press Conference. Invited to join Governor on his side
at Press Conference. Governors Office, Downtown, Los Angeles.

04/14/2009 AIA LA Political Outreach Committee Roundtable. Design Build Project Delivery
Methods. Panelist. Event held at AIA LA Chapter Offices.

04/2009 Los Angeles Business Council 2009 Design Awards. Juror.

11/2008 Emerging trends in Police Facilities Design. Talk to San Gabriel Valley Peace Officers
Association. Covina.

11/22/2008 AIA Albuquerque 2008 Design Awards. Juror.

11/20/2008 AIA LA Design Dialogues.

11/20/2008 In the Academic Realm; 3 projects that explore new strategies in educational
Architecture. Event Series Founder and one of three presenters at Inaugural Event. Event held at Leo A
Daly Offices.

11/2008 McGraw-Hill Best of Best 2008 National Competition. Juror.

11/12/2008 Southern California Development Forum 2008 Design Awards. Jury President.

05/09/2008 AIA LA 2008 Design Awards. Next LA Awards Juror.

04/2008 Los Angeles Business Council 2008 Design Awards. Juror.

11/2007 SCDF 2007 Awards. Jury President.

07/2007 McGraw-Hill California Construction Magazine Best of 2007 Competition. Juror.

07/2007 Working Class: Academy and Practice Panel. UCLA Dept. of Architecture, Los Angeles.
Panelist, with Thom Mayne, Neil Denari, Greg Lynn, Mark Lee, Martha Welborne. Presented Praha.

03/2003 AIA Committee on Architecture in Education (CAE) Conference. SCI-ARC, Los Angeles.
Symposium Co-Presenter, with Scott Johnson. LAUSD Miguel Contreras Learning Complex.

02/2002 Lessons Learned: A Symposium and Display on School Design. Getty Center, Los Angeles.
Symposium Participant. LAUSD Miguel Contreras Learning Complex exhibited and discussed.

11/1996 Reconstruction and Redevelopment in postwar Beirut. Talk to AIA/LA International Practice